Death is never good news to hear, especially the death of a child. Each year, there is about 3000+ unexpected and accidental death of infants in the United States of America alone. Most of these unwanted deaths are caused by parents sharing a bed with their baby, leading to accidental suffocation; we cannot help moving around when we sleep, and we could block the baby’s airway while we’re moving. Therefore, this practice of sleeping on the same bed with your baby is hazardous and should not be kept.

UNICEF and other great organizations have put a lot of research into this and strongly advocate using bassinets that are deemed the Best co sleeper that lets parents keep their babies at arms reach while keeping them safe from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Here are the top reasons why you should buy a bassinet for your child:

It Reduces Crying

Sleeping Child

Babies crying is a normal thing. Doctors back in the old days used to slap the baby’s behind if they did not cry immediately after birth because they believe that the baby is in danger of lacking air being breathed in that means crying can be a good thing but not when babies do it incessantly if they mew constantly, then you know that something’s not right, perhaps, they are upset, hungry, or even sleepy.

If you settle them on a surface that they’re not comfortable with, they will signal you with their cries, asking to be put on a different bed. Bassinet manufacturers know this best from continuous research; that’s why they have designed the bassinet to be the best and most comfortable sleeping area to accommodate your babies when they cry. With added swing feature, your child can snooze off to La La Land in a matter of minutes.

It’s Portable

One of the best benefits of keeping your baby in a bassinet is they can be mobile. During the pandemic, working moms around the world had a lot of balls in the air because they have to cater to their children while also working from home. It won’t be possible without the help of a portable bassinet, so these strong mothers can keep their eyes on their babies at all times, even during office hours.

It Gives Parents Ease of Mind

Having a newborn joining the clan means that you have to sacrifice a few nights of good sleep. It’s not uncommon for parents to wake up at night because of their babies. The dreadful thing is, what if the parents didn’t wake up? Sometimes parents can make mistakes, too, even in situations that can’t afford any errors like sharing a bed with your baby.

The dreadful thought could spell the end for the remainder of your nights, so what can we do about this? The answer is simple: get your child a bassinet, and you can welcome back sweet ease of mind. So long are those days of sleepless night and worrying warts because you know that your baby is safe and sound at arms reach.