Not a fan of sitting in the office all day? You’ve got hand skills, and you don’t know how utilize? If yes becoming an electrician could be the answer. Most people want to become Electricians because it pays well.  To others being an electrician is entirely passion. Becoming an electrician is a bold move. It requires more than just what the ordinary people think to imagine. So what does it take to become electricians?

Important info

Skills interest and qualities

An electrician’s job is mostly practical. Hence you must have excellent practical skills. Technical diagrams, wiring Electrician toolsdiagrams and building diagrams will appear on your face throughout your career as an electrician. A good electrician should have the ability to follow drawing and plans. Like any other job you must have the capacity to work methodically.

Communication skills are vital in any job and so is with becoming an electrician. Working as a team should be one of your best abilities. Problem-solving skills are also mandatory. You should also be organized and be able to motivate others. You must be willing to work in confined places and be ahead of heights.

What do electricians do?

Electricians work in a wide array of ranges. They bring power to people’s homes and take part in major engineering an electrician you will install inspect and test electrical equipment’s. You will also make sure electrical systems work to find and fix faults in electricity.

The roles of electricians will also include

  • Planning layout for equipment’s wirings and fittings as well as assessing plans.
  • Fixing initial wires and connecting them to sockets, power supplies, and light fittings
  • Fitting circuit breakers and fuse boxes
  • Testing wiring and electrical equipment
  • Laying cables and connecting telecommunication networks to power supplies.
  • Building electrotechnical panels that operate inside buildings.

Getting qualified

As an electrician you will spend years learning, working and building contacts with people. Your qualifications will start right from high school. If you took a course that offers exposure to electrical principles such as physics and other technical sciences, then you are on the right track. Being an electrician entails that you get serious about education. You should consider getting a formal education.

Electro-technical NVQS level 2-3 are a necessity. A certificate and an associate degree are also vital. You must take into account getting some work in the field. Exposure will enable you to get further qualifications such as periodic inspection and testing and portable appliance testing.

Great demand

Electrician at workElectricians are valued people in our society today. With technology, electricians are guaranteed to have worked almost anywhere. With necessary qualities and skills being an electrician can be an ideal job.

Though mostly technical knowledge is considered a solid foundation for becoming an electrician. Before becoming an electrician think about your abilities and take education very seriously.