Probably, everyone has experienced buying a dress that did not fit perfectly. That happens even if we buy from actual boutiques or department stores. We were so sure that the dress will fit us, so we do not go and try it out in the fitting room. But when we reach home and try it, our hands cannot fit in the sleeves, or we cannot properly button the breast part of the new blouse. Either we keep the dress hoping that we will soon get slimmer one day or give it as a gift to a friend or sibling.

We should always consider the following factors so we will not end up buying a dress or pants for our slimmer sister or our bulkier brother.


Before zeroing in on a dress, you should do another measurement on some vital parts of your body. Your measurement may not be the same as the previous week if you are the person that gains or loses weight quickly. If you are buying an upper garment, measure the width from shoulder to shoulder, your breast area, your tummy, and the circumference of your arms and forearm. You may also measure the length of your upper extremity until your wrist. You should even know what to measure for garments like pants, skirts, and dresses.

Knowing your measurement will ensure that you are purchasing that will perfectly fit you.

Materials Used

There might be some fabrics that are naturally warmer than the other types. Some may also be cooler. In summer, cooler materials are the trend while warmer clothes are for winter. You may also be uncomfortable in some fabrics. Some individuals are allergic to polyester. Know the fabric that you are comfortable in. Indeed, comfort should come first when choosing a dress.


The design of a dress is also a factor that affects comfort. If you are on the conservative side, don’t go for dresses that allow the exposure of too much skin, or you will not be comfortable at all. Go for dresses that match your personality. For sure, you will be happier on those.


The color of a dress can really help us stand out from the rest of the crowd. Because not most of us want extra attention, a more subdued shade will better fit us.

But while our comfort should be the first consideration, it is always best to also consider the event, the place, and the people we are going to be with when choosing a dress.